The Crestline Experimental Dive Unit
Slays another Dragon by answering the question:

"Where Be YO Hose Come From ? "
What the Manufacturers Do Not want YO to know.

CEDU Presents the
Field Expedient Breathing Hose

(YO made to order- YO cut to size, and YO Klamp Like Hell.)
(Like the song says,    "It Takes Two"... at about $12.50 each...just like Downtown.)

Found in the Plumbing section of your Rebreather Friendly Home Depot /Base/Lowes/Ace/SewerShop Inc. etc...

"Tastes like it Belongs in YO Breathing Loop"

Demand the Best.
                 If it can't handle Sewer Sludge,
                      It can't handle your Purulent Exodate!

As seen in the FEOR/ClearView(TM)

O/OSS Member
(Obsequious/Obscurantist Society Supporter)