Crestline Experimental Dive Unit
Presents The
FEOR / ClearView(TM) Mod

First dive of this FEOR Modification.

Location:  Naples, California.
               Water Temp:      62 degrees (F)
               Water Visibility:  62 centimeter

    It was another late Sunday afternoon with just the right lighting, and a window of opportunity while there was no satellites orbiting overhead, (old habit, don't ask),  that the latest FEOR modification was evaluated.   Some of the Design Mods that were to be evaluated during this dive are:

1)  Reduced counterlung volume / less overall weight
2)  Quick Disconnect of Breathing Hose and Counterlung
3)  One way valve mod
4)  Modular/Interchangable Endcaps
5)  Clear scrubber canister
6)   Harness mod.

        To make a long story short, the system performed as expected, and  I learned a few things.  What more can I ask for.  My evaluations follow.

        2) Quick Disconnect:    Worked fine, nice to be able to easily remove, and clean the Hoses and Counterlung.  I did not like the added "dimension" which the Quick Disconnects occupied.  I prefer the more compact  non-QD unit.

        3) The One way valve mod was a "field expedient" affair. It worked but added two additional parts to the system. I learned that there is more than one way to make a One way valve. (I prefer the mushrooms.)

        4) Happy with the Modular Endcaps, it has its place.

        5) Clear scrubber canister:  Not much to say, except....after hearing gurgling, and tasting gurgling you can now positively make the diagnosis of Flooding Canister after actually Seeing  gurgling with each breath.  Pretty interesting sight I might add.  (Don't try this with your store bought rebreather, Please!)

        6) Harness mod was successful.  I eliminated the neck strap by making the attachments of the counterlungs more secure.  (This mod resulted from observing others using the counterlungs as a carrying handle, even after specifically instructed not to do so.  They were not designed to be a lifting device.  Guess the urge was just too irresistible, so I just had to strengthen them!)

        1) Didn't really reduce the overall weight.  The reduced CL volume was actually more suitable for my wife, just a little too small for my liking. ( This rig will become my wife Jane's personal unit after I attach the 168 liter tank for her.)

        Now on to the pictures.

FEOR ClearView(TM) Mod
"We Have Nothing To Hide"

PreBreathing unit.
Getting ready for a One-On-One  with King Neptune.
(Noseplug and L.A. County Underwater Instructor Hat keeps hot gasses under control.)

Walking on water post-dive.  (Can Do Easy)

Smells like Sodasorb, Tastes like Sodasorb, Good think I didn't Step in it.

Legislation, Sausage and the Guts of your Scrubber Canister...
Maybe,  Just Maybe should not be seen.

The Scrubber Canister/Oxygen Addition Assembly.

Close-Up of Oxygen Addition System.
(Described as  FEOR Standard)

Hope you have enjoyed this page.

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                          And Remember CEDU's Mission Statement:
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