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Crestline Experimental Dive Unit
Honors Of The Association

Award #6

For answering the call...
 "If  You Can't Build A Rebreather, You Shouldn't Dive A Rebreather."

        It is with great pleasure that the CEDU Recognize and Present the "Honors of the Association"  Award to the following individual for outstanding achievement in the Design, Construction and Use of HomeBuilt Closed Circuit Rebreathing Apparatuses. (And More...)

 Crazy Ivan

        Without instruction, coaching, reverse engineering or plagiarism, the the above named individual has designed, built, dived, and shared his enthusiasm and dive toys with friends, family, and the world at large.

CEDU Honors of the Association

    This CEDU Honors of the Association is presented to Dave Sutton.

    It is indeed a very special pleasure for me to present this CEDU Honors of the Association to a fellow Florida Institute of Technology alumni.

    Mr. Dave Sutton has actively contributed to the dissemination of rebreather information by building, adding to, and modifying rebreathers.  Dave Sutton's webpage is an outstanding resource of Rebreather Information.  Where one can find Field Stripping information on former Soviet, former Friendly and currently Friendly Nations' Closed Circuit and Semi-Closed Circuit Weapon Systems.

     Disassembling and reassembling various component parts of these units,  to come up with new entities, has added life to Rebreather Diving, (and the resale market of those products).  Thank you for the Franken Rig.

    Additionally, Dave has patriotically continued the work of our former President Ronald Reagan, in disassembling and redistributing the Evil Empire.  He has single-handedly absorbed the entire covert war arsenal of the former Soviet Union and is in the process of placing it piece by piece,  in the hands of neighborhood quilting guilds and other patriotically minded militia groups where it will be safely stored as a curiosity in their museums for future generations to admire.

    And last, but not least,  Dave has caused the rediscovery of forgotten information concerning pendulum  rebreathers to come up with a new invention;  the  Emergency Bailout Pendulum Rebreather-in-a-BC of which the FENZY Frenzy is a blatant rip-off of, (I mean a respectful honor of), that concept.

Some of Dave's previous and current activities for which he is being honored follows:

A must for your next 1v1 Air-2-Air play.
(Placing this baby in a Spin will defeat your opponents target tracking solution.)

Complete with diver lock-out.

Zoned Commercial.

Fully functional, ready to dive.  No training required.

    Thank you Dave for this, all that you have shared with us.  May you, "Continue to Continue...." for many many years to come.

Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Iannello,
Director, CEDU

P.S.     Officially, CEDU Applications are not graded.

    In fact the CEDU cannot even admit to the Existence of, Solicitation of, and/or Receipt of Applications for Membership into one of the most Elite and Secret Organizations the World has yet to know.

    However,  if the Applications were graded,  Dave's Application (if it existed) would have been the first to receive a Perfect Score.  He answered each and every question not only correctly, but with Style and Grace.  His application shows the Wisdom of Experience, and an Astute Understanding of the Venue that the CEDU's Application is presented in.

-Thanks.  (I needed that.)
(Notice:    The CEDU would really like to see and use underwater images of home built rebreathers in future "Honors".   Unfortunately Dave could not find an old photo for me, thus I was left to my own resources to honor him.)

Thanks again.

 ............A Special Report of a National Security Nature Follows......Terrorist Sighting.........................................


Feline Terrorist

Yessir I'm-A-Cat

As seen in Western Disguise (left), and in Traditional Ceremonial Dress(right).

Please be informed that a member of the All-Catta feline terrorist network has been sited in your area.  This terrorist, known to many as Yessir I'm-A-Cat, has known connections to the leader of the network, Bubba I'vea-Been-Cattin (around), and his band of mayhem makers.  Be warned.

She is small but deadly.

Yessir I'm-A-Cat's known weapons of choice include small toys that are left in the path of unsuspecting bare feet, and terminal cuteness.  She has also been known to spew a weapon of Mass Destruction (weewee) onto the sheets of unsuspecting victims, although she has not used this weapon in several years and may have abandoned the practice in favor of the Cute Attack.  Recently she has been seen working on her rapid stealth moves that are designed to lure victims outside.  These victims are then lead to the waiting purrs of the other All-Catta members.

We hope that you, can assist us in the surveillance of this Tonkinese terror.  Do not attempt to apprehend her, as she is Pawed and Dangerous.  Just keep an eye on her and keep us informed of her movements.

Thank you for your assistance.

Phildwith Bologna,
Director, Crestline FBI

 ............ End of Terrorist Sighting Special Report .............................................

Happy and Safe Halloween To All

CEDU Update....CEDU Update....CEDU Update....CEDU Update....CEDU Update....CEDU Update....

The CEDU is pleased to announce the acquisition of 4th Axis CNC capabilities, and show our first project using this technology.  The new and improved Dive Surface Valve,  called the ClearView-2 DSV is unveiled.

ClearView-2 DSV

Improvements over the ClearView DSV, first shown in June 2001 ( see  CAD/CAM Capable.   ) are:

    > Larger Cross Sectional Breathing Area
    > Larger Operating Lever
    > Smoother Operation
    > O-Ring Seals
    > Ability to Field Strip using no special tools other than your Hands and a K-Bar

ClearView-2 DSV

The original ClearView DSV used an interference fit for sealing and had a small operating lever (1/4-20 SS threaded rod).  This configuration worked, but was difficult to move, was hard on the fingers, and over time salt crystals would form.  These crystals eventually caused scoring on the mating surfaces and thus reduced sealing effectiveness over time.   (The CEDU will advise those of you who have DSV's that seal with rotating surfaces in intimate contact to disassemble and clean and lube the DSV after each salt water dive.)

The ClearView-2 DSV with its  improved O-Ring sealing is much smoother to operate.  And with some experience, one hand operation is possible.  (If your oral-pharyngeal apparatus is up to the task.  Ask your Dentist.)

Smile and Dive with Safety,

Robert Iannello,
Director, CEDU

A Note Concerning the G-Code for the ClearView-2 DSV Roller:
    The CEDU is sorry for not being able to provide this information.  To Quote "proprietary information (i.e.. how things are manufactured or produced, components used etc.) maybe edited out".    These are different and difficult times.  The CEDU has been advised not to release this information for National Security Reasons.  I know you will understand and respect this "Edit".

(And now a word  from our sponsor.....)

FEOR is there.
The only rebreather backed by Neptunus Rex himself.

Gentleman, Choose Your Equipment.

With so many choices in closed circuit gear, which do you choose?
The FEOR comes in many Styles and Configurations.
Become an UnAuthorized HomeBuilder and make your own.
Then you can
Dive Into Oblivion with the CEDU.

        Please note that all items seen on  these pages that come into contact with high pressure oxygen have been Oxygen Cleaned, Oxygen Converted, Oxygen Compatible or Designed for Oxygen use.
        You will be in for a rude awakening if you connect a scuba first stage to a high pressure oxygen tank; the rubber/nitrile o-ring(s),  internal lubricating grease, moving potentially spark generating parts,  and other contaminants are all potential sources of heat / inigition / fuel which can have catastrophic consequences in a high pressure oxygen environment.
        Building Rebreathers are a fun hobby, but it can also be fatal even before you make it to the pond.

OSHA States:
         "Compressed oxygen cannot be used in a device designed for compressed air because minute amounts of oil or other foreign matter in the device components can cause an explosion."  In fact, 30 CFR 11 prohibits certification of any device designed to permit interchangeable use of oxygen and air.

Congratulations to the latest Honors Recipients.
A major step into CEDU membership has been accomplished.
Additional information about membership will start with an Application. Other requirements such as the MudRun and the Rough Water Swim follow.... Good Luck.

-Dr. Bob, Director CEDU

More information about Rebreathers/SUBLIME/and the CEDU can be found starting at Dr. Bob's The Home Page

"To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is SUBLIME"

And Remember CEDU's Mission Statement:
"To Design, Assemble and Use Homemade Dive Gear While Maximally Stroking Our Own Ego's and Maintaining the Merest Semblance of Sobriety for the Benefit of Mankind"