The Crestline Experimental Dive Unit

Special Announcement : June 2001

CEDU Research & Development Laboratory
is now
CAD/CAM Capable

        With the union of  Computer Aided Design Software to the  Numeric Control Milling Machine, the CEDU has ventured into the world of Computer Aided Designing / Computer Aided Manufacturing.

        The first item to be CAD/CAM'ed is a Cage for a One Way "Mushroom" Valve.  These valves are found in the biteblock of double hose regulators, and in the dive/surface valves of most of our rebreathers.

        I will no longer scavenge the cages from old double hose regulators .   I may even get to replace some that I have borrowed before the original owner finds out that they are missing. ( Thanks Ron.)

One small step for the CEDU.

From Design to Product

Start with an Idea.....

... get the idea down on paper,    plan the machining sequence....
Make the part.

(L) Nylon Cage hot off the Mill,         (R) Cage with 29mm Silicone "Mushroom" in place.

We should remember our past.

These One-Way valves have been used successfully in the FEOR ClearView.
Turned on a lathe, drilled in drillpress. Flat Latex sheeting (.015") for valve,  held in with machine screw.
Similar as described at PPO2.COM


The [SECRET]  Code Used to control the NC Mill

[To read the secret message print out on a blue waterproof slate, read through 3-D glasses while being subjected to an END of 218 fsl.   And please do not try to use this as a Deco Table on your next dive. ]

(2 flute endmill, 1/16" diameter)
N10 G00 X0.3335 Y0.16
N20 G01 Z-0.3F5
N30 G00 X0.3336
N40 G03 X0.3054 Y0.2089 I-0.3336 J-0.16F12
N50 G01 X0.2771 Y0.16
N60 X0.3335
N70 X0.38 Y0.1288
N80 G03 X0.3015 Y0.2647 I-0.38 J-0.1288
N90 G01 X0.223 Y0.1288
N100 X0.38
N110 X0.4214 Y0.0975
N120 G03 X0.2951 Y0.3162 I-0.4214 J-0.0975
N130 G01 X0.1689 Y0.0975
N140 X0.4213
N150 X0.459 Y0.0663
N160 G03 X0.2869 Y0.3644 I-0.459 J-0.0663
N170 G01 X0.1169 Y0.07
N180 G02 X0.1191 Y0.0662 I-0.1169 J-0.07
N190 G01 X0.4589
N200 G00 Z0.1
N210 X0.0282 Y0.3689
N220 G01 Z-0.3F5
N230 G03 X-0.0282 Y0.3689 I-0.0282 J-0.3689F12
N240 G01 X0. Y0.32
N250 X0.0282 Y0.3689
N260 X0.0785 Y0.3935
N270 G03 X-0.0785 Y0.3935 I-0.0785 J-0.3935
N280 G01 X0. Y0.2575
N290 X0.0785 Y0.3934
N300 X0.1262 Y0.4137
N310 G03 X-0.1262 Y0.4137 I-0.1262 J-0.4137
N320 G01 X0. Y0.195
N330 X0.1262 Y0.4136
N340 X0.1721 Y0.4306
N350 G03 X-0.1721 Y0.4306 I-0.1721 J-0.4306
N360 G01 X-0.0022 Y0.1362
N370 G02 X0.0022 Y0.1362 I0.0022 J-0.1362
N380 G01 X0.1721 Y0.4306
N390 G00 Z0.1
N400 X-0.3054 Y0.2089
N410 G01 Z-0.3F5
N420 G03 X-0.3336 Y0.16 I0.3054 J-0.2089F12
N430 G01 X-0.2771
N440 X-0.3053 Y0.2089
N450 X-0.3015 Y0.2647
N460 G03 X-0.38 Y0.1288 I0.3015 J-0.2647
N470 G01 X-0.223
N480 X-0.3015 Y0.2647
N490 X-0.2951 Y0.3162
N500 G03 X-0.4214 Y0.0975 I0.2951 J-0.3162
N510 G01 X-0.1689
N520 X-0.2951 Y0.3161
N530 X-0.2869 Y0.3644
N540 G03 X-0.459 Y0.0663 I0.2869 J-0.3644
N550 G01 X-0.1191
N560 G02 X-0.1169 Y0.07 I0.1191 J-0.0663
N570 G01 X-0.2868 Y0.3643
N580 G00 Z0.1
N590 X-0.3335 Y-0.16
N600 G01 Z-0.3F5
N610 G00 X-0.3336
N620 G03 X-0.3054 Y-0.2089 I0.3336 J0.16F12
N630 G01 X-0.2771 Y-0.16
N640 X-0.3335
N650 X-0.38 Y-0.1287
N660 G03 X-0.3015 Y-0.2647 I0.38 J0.1287
N670 G01 X-0.223 Y-0.1288
N680 X-0.38
N690 X-0.4214 Y-0.0975
N700 G03 X-0.2951 Y-0.3162 I0.4214 J0.0975
N710 G01 X-0.1689 Y-0.0975
N720 X-0.4213
N730 X-0.459 Y-0.0662
N740 G03 X-0.2869 Y-0.3644 I0.459 J0.0662
N750 G01 X-0.1169 Y-0.07
N760 G02 X-0.1191 Y-0.0662 I0.1169 J0.07
N770 G01 X-0.4589
N780 G00 Z0.1
N790 X0. Y-0.3201
N800 G01 Z-0.3F5
N810 G00 X0. Y-0.32
N820 G01 X-0.0282 Y-0.3689F12
N830 G03 X0.0282 Y-0.3689 I0.0282 J0.3689
N840 G01 X0. Y-0.3201
N850 X0. Y-0.2575
N860 X-0.0785 Y-0.3935
N870 G03 X0.0785 Y-0.3935 I0.0785 J0.3935
N880 G01 X0. Y-0.2576
N890 X0. Y-0.195
N900 X-0.1262 Y-0.4137
N910 G03 X0.1262 Y-0.4137 I0.1262 J0.4137
N920 G01 X0. Y-0.1951
N930 X-0.0007 Y-0.1337
N940 X-0.1721 Y-0.4306
N950 G03 X0.1721 Y-0.4306 I0.1721 J0.4306
N960 G01 X0.0007 Y-0.1337
N970 G00 Z0.1
N980 X0.2772 Y-0.16
N990 G01 Z-0.3F5
N1000 G00 X0.2771
N1010 G01 X0.3054 Y-0.2089F12
N1020 G03 X0.3336 Y-0.16 I-0.3054 J0.2089
N1030 G01 X0.2772
N1040 X0.223 Y-0.1288
N1050 X0.3015 Y-0.2647
N1060 G03 X0.38 Y-0.1288 I-0.3015 J0.2647
N1070 G01 X0.2231
N1080 X0.1689 Y-0.0975
N1090 X0.2951 Y-0.3162
N1100 G03 X0.4214 Y-0.0975 I-0.2951 J0.3162
N1110 G01 X0.169
N1120 X0.1154 Y-0.0674
N1130 X0.2869 Y-0.3644
N1140 G03 X0.459 Y-0.0663 I-0.2869 J0.3644
N1150 G01 X0.1162
N1160 G00 Z0.1

    Now wasn't that easy.

    Of course this " proprietary information (i.e.. how things are manufactured or produced, components used etc.) may be edited out", ....if and when I, or some fictitious cover organization, actually produce a product for the overseas and/or gray market, ... from some offshore manufacturing shipping container or other sweatshop that is   hidden away in some 'mountain' jungle or something, the name of value added to the product, and plausable deniability .



This valve is not the end all. (Actually it still is evolving and being modified as we speak.)   It is only one part of a system, in this case the system is... the ClearView DSV.

FEOR ClearView DSV

 FEOR ClearView with ClearViewDSV

(Of course I still have a soft spot in my heart for those modified HomeDepot Ball Valves.  But time marches on.)

In The Shadow of Neptunus Rex...

...Stands The FEOR.

In league with Poseidon, god of the sea, protector of all waters, the CEDU Is There.   Helping to combat Noise Pollution with their many Professionally Silent Closed Circuit Oxygen Rebreathing Systems.

Neptune's Children At Play

The Ultimate Buddy Pair.

More information about Rebreathers/SUBLIME/and the CEDU can be found starting at Dr. Bob's The Home Page

"To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is SUBLIME"

And Remember CEDU's Mission Statement:
"To Design, Assemble and Use Homemade Dive Gear While Maximally Stroking Our Own Ego's and Maintaining the Merest Semblance of Sobriety for the Benefit of Mankind"