Crestline Experimental Dive Unit
Presents a Special Report

Hard Hats and Rebreathers

dive log
8 July 2000
at the
College of Oceaneering,
Wilmington, California

    Not to be known only for the more Kinder and Gentler type of diving,  Jane Rogan, CEDU's latest Closed Circuit Oxygen Rebreather Diver did so happen to Dive in a more traditional type of Dive Dress, that being the Hard Hat.

    Taking an opportunity presented in coordination with the Historical Diving Society and the College of Oceaneering, we completed a day of Hard and Soft Hat diving  (Thanks for a great lunch.)

Jane dressed in hard hat gear  awaiting the Hard Hat..

Headgear, Hard Hat in place. Dive suit complete. Now for a dip in the tank.

"My Sweetie" In The Tank, all systems check fine.

    Not only Hard Hat diving was being conducted in the tanks, but some additional training with Closed Circuit Oxygen Rebreathing apparatus was also performed.  Below our test subject/diver, Jocko Robinson  is Pre Breathing the FEOR ExCap rebreather before entering the tank.  (Jocko's prior training in January on the standard FEOR served him well.)


Three Generations of Dive Equipment.

Double Hose Open Circuit Scuba // Mark V Hard Hat // FEOR Closed Circuit Rebreather


After a successful dive Jocko gives the big Thumbs Up,
indicating that he still knows in which direction the surface is.
(A useful post dive neurological test.)

    Mark Howell, Safety Diver emerges from the tank satisfied in the knowledge of a job well done by all divers. He noted that there was plenty of bubbles venting from the Mark V, that there was appropriate bubbles escaping from his double hose open circuit rig during exhale, and that there was no bubbles coming from the FEOR Oxygen Rebreather.

Yes, another fine day of testing.

"See you in The Tank Boys and Girls."

"To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is Sublime"