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Peter Readey,

    We know that you have worked long and hard to develop your current products.

"Marlon",  shown above, is depicting one of your  "diveable production units".

You could have guessed that...We at the CEDU have dug up an old picture or two of one of your Pre-Production units.

Remember your Past.

Here Jocko is seen with an early "Steam Machine".  (Note stainless steel boiler.)

        It was a very effective prototype.

                It had great Duration,

                        A stable Harness,

                                Very low work of Breathing,

                    Unfortunately its Swimming characteristics left something to be desired....

...Because it was BOLTED to the Pick-up Truck !

(You should have seen Jocko treading water with this baby.)

Happy Birthday Peter,
Wishing you many more to come.

Dr. Bob

"To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is SUBLIME"

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