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Win a FEOR Contest
Dr. Bob
and the
Crestline Experimental Dive Unit

        The Crestline Experimental Dive Unit is offering a Double Secret Special Exclusive Invitation to the current members of NorthWood Designs Rebreather Mailing List.

You are invited to participate in
CEDU's First Swim For A Rebreather Contest.

 This is a challenge, make no mistake about it.

You have seen it on the web,
You have lusted in your heart for one,
Some of you have even tried unsuccessfully to make one,
You can actually get your grubby little hands on one.

    Yes, you can now Win a FEOR that I actually made and dived with.   What you just read is correct. You can actually win a fully functioning Closed Circuit Manual Addition Oxygen Rebreather.  In addition you may be participating in an Historical Event, quite possibly the First Rebreather Give Away event on record!

FEOR Standard
[ Link ]

    And what does it take to Win this Jewel of the CEDU ?  Really it is not too much. All you have to do is have the best time of those of You who out-swim yours truly (that's me)  at the 72nd La Jolla Rough Water Swim being held on Sunday, September 8, 2002 in La Jolla, California.  That's right!  If even just one of you from this Rebreather Mailing List participates, and out-swims me, you get the FEOR.

    As you can see from my previous times ( 2000, 2001 ), I am not a speed demon.    It should not be that difficult to better my time.      But, if you can't out swim Ms. January with a Homebuilt, don't bother to enter.   (She only swims two pool miles a week.)

Ms. January doing laps with her FEOR Standard
Jane's Certification Dive

    If you think that you have what it takes to do the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, and out- swim CEDU's Old Man, then you can Win a FEOR.  Hope to see you in September.

Contest Entrance Requirements:

The Entry Requirements In what might become known as "Beat the CEDUs' Old Man" Contest are as follows:

1. You must be a current member of Northwood Designs Rebreather Mailing List on THIS day of  3 June 2002.   (The reason for this requirement is to preclude some unscrupulous person from contacting a either a friend, or some competitive swimming ringer just to enter the race and scarf up a FEOR for them.  My intent is to offer this unit to one of you,  the current participants and/or lurkers of this Rebreather Mailing List.)

2. You must state your intention to participate by 1 July, 2002. (email to this Rebreather Mailing List) (This is a public forum, it will be entertaining, enlightening, and enriching to the group to see just who would go the extra mile for one of these units.  Actually the first mile is enough.)

3. You must be officially entered in the 72 La Jolla Rough Water Swim, and complete a Masters (one mile) Event in a time that is (1) the best of those of you participating and (2) less than the time I take to complete my category which is the Masters 50-54.  The best time beating me is the winner of my contest for the FEOR.  (Timing information obtained from the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, Inc.)  (Note: participating in the 72 La Jolla Rough Water Swim and beating my time is Not enough, You must be a member of This Rebreather Mailing List as of this day, And Announce your intent to participate no later than 1 July, 2002.)

The La Jolla Rough Water Swim people can be contacted about their event.

Contact these people for info about registering for the 72nd La Jolla Rough Water Swim.
A sample of their requirements (link #1)
A sample of their entry form (link #2)
[Please contact them, I don't know if you can use the forms that I scanned.  They were scanned for informational purposes only.]
[[ Remember my WIN A FEOR contest has nothing to do with the La Jolla swim in an way, shape, or form other than I am using it as one of my contest requirements.]]

So, if you have what it takes, come on down to La Jolla and have a fun swim.  You never know, you might go home with a FEOR.   (If you complete the swim you get a medal from that event.  Pretty cool even if you don't out swim me. )

To the Victor go the Spoils.

The Winner
The best of you that beats my time will be awarded: (Think of this person as the overall contest winner.)
(Category A)
1.   A FEOR Standard Closed Circuit Oxygen Rebreather.  Signed by the maker. The actual FEOR Standard Issued may not be the one pictured in this announcement. (Jane is unwilling to give up her red breathing hoses.)
2.   A Certificate of Authenticity testifying that I indeed have built and dived the very unit you receive. (Of course, past performance does not predict future survivability: offered as a collectable only.  As with all life support apparatus, proper training in utilizing this device is mandatory. Please contact the manufacturer for more information regarding certification.)
3.   A Photograph with the Director of the CEDU Presenting the Award.
4.   Public acknowledgment published on a CEDU Webpage of your Accomplishment.
5    The Secret Rebreather Handshake.
6.   Provisional membership into the CEDU.
7.   World Wide Fame and Glory.

The Others...
(Category B)  Others that beat my time, but did not get a FEOR. You  get to feel the pride of a swim well done.
(Category C)   Those that participated but got whipped by the old man.  You are not the only folks I beat, so don't feel bad.  Take another  trip to the training tank and practice for next year.
(Category D)  Those that participated but did not finish the event.  You get a ride on the lifeguard boogie board and the Rebreather Handshake. (Or some reasonable facsimile thereof.)
(Category E)   Those that did not participate for whatever reason. You  get to print out this page and forever regret that you missed an opportunity of a lifetime to WIN A FEOR.  (Maybe next year?)
(Category F)   Those that are not on this listserve and were not eligible for this contest. You get nothing. Next time, get a computer,  get with the program, and  participate.

    It's not about equipment.

    It makes no difference if you enter my realm while holding your breath, or use supplemental life support gear.  Be it Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Store Bought or HomeBuilt.

    It's about good manners and Watermanship.

    Come join my friends of the CEDU and honor me with a little swim.

    Enjoy my Seas with respect, or keep your sorry landlubber butts out of my Pond.

                                                   - Neptunus Rex

Legal Stuff:

1.  The CEDU has no interest in the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, Inc. in any way shape or form.
2.  The CEDU has no interest in NorthWood Designs Rebreather Mailing List in any way shape or form.  (Well actually I do.   I am subscribed to it and have found it most entertaining and enlightening over the years.     A public thank you to all who make it possible and  participate in it is  hereby given.)
3.  In the event that I do not finish the race, the entrant meeting Requirements 1 & 2 above with the shortest elapsed time will be deemed the winner and receive the awards mentioned. (This is stated in case I don't finish the event, or cannot swim on that day.    And please let's not think about a dental emergency on that day....someone may be hurting big time.)
4.  The FEOR Standard, and other prizes mentioned, are real, though possibly their actual value may be exaggerated.  I cannot confirm or deny anyone's membership in, (be it provisional or not), and/or for that matter, the actual existence of the CEDU.

    Though I take pains in presenting this Contest in a somewhat humorous manor, the essence of this contest is real.  I will present a FEOR Standard to a current Northwood Designs Rebreather Mailing List  Member who is the best in out-swimming me at the 72nd La Jolla Rough Water Swim.  (As you have seen by my last two showings, I am not the fastest mammal out of his element.)  Come on down for a fun swim and "Beat CEDU's Old Man".  Being in La Jolla, California and participating in the swim is its own reward.

    Hope to see you in the Pond.

                                            Dr. Bob

"To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is SUBLIME"

And Remember CEDU's Mission Statement:
"To Design, Assemble and Use Homemade Dive Gear While Maximally Stroking Our Own Ego's and Maintaining the Merest Semblance of Sobriety for the Benefit of Mankind"

CEDU, FEOR, FEOR Standard, and "To Swim Is Human, To Dive Is SUBLIME", are all trademarks of the
Crestline Experimental Dive Unit, which is a subsidiary of the CEDU Botteling Company.  All rights reserved.
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